Thursday, November 21, 2013

Camper Life and No internet

Hello fellow people in the blog world. We have been MIA for over a year! Life has just been busy but the real reason for our MIA-ness is no internet here in our new little home.  I'm sure we will get it soon but its not on the top of our to do list.

Winter was crazy. I worked full time in Park City at Montage Resort. Its on the top of the mountain on Deer Valley property. Just in-vision the most beautiful mountain resort and then you'll know what Montage is like. I worked nights and Ster would stay at home with the babe. I loved working up there and quit after the season.  I just started working there again this fall.   Its the best job could ever ask for.  Its great for being a mom and still helping our family out financially while we need it.  I get to be with my babes all day and than Ster gets to be with him at night.  I make great money and truely enjoy it.

After Montage I started a Snow Shack. Yes, a Snow Shack. I need an entire post to talk about this adventure!! Hardest thing I have ever done! I put some much work into starting my little business. We put all of our energy and TIME into that little shack.  I really mean TIME. We did like nothing fun this summer.  I worked in the shack from 12-10 monday-saturday. Yes, not much time for FUN! Praying this summer brings a new experience.  Thankful for this and super proud of myself.  I also have the best husband ever for being 100 percent behind me.  He  took alot n this summer and it was super stressful but it made us stronger.

Saying we have been loving the fall is an understatement.  We have loved seeing eachother and having a life again.  Its been a dream to be home for dinner as a family.  We have been taking lots of Ranger rides in the mountains  and  keeping busy with our little camper.

Yes, onto our new camper life. We moved into our camper in May. We where so over paying a thousand bucks a month for rent so we bought a 5th wheel.  We want to get out of debt and save money for school and a house.  We just couldn't get ahead living in our apartment and spending so much every month.  It just seemed like a great option especially since Sterling's  family has land here that we could live on for free. We live in a camper but we have 7,000 acres to play on!  We are loving it.  Our little camper is so perfect for us.  Yes, its small  but people in New York live in smaller spaces than us.  Plus its like brand new. We are loving living in the fresh air and having no crazy neighbors. Now we have neighbors who share their fresh eggs with us.  Much better than sharing their f-word's everyday. Much better

On to the best topic of our lives. Our sweet babe.  Ky is a dream child. Yes, everyone says this. But man this kid is so sweet and so good.  He's so happy and he loves life. He loves cars and trains.  He can't get enough of the train table at the gym.  Everyday he climbs on it and never gets sick of it. Jackson is by far his favorite.  The only words he says is MAMA, DADA and of course JACKSON.  I'll give you one guess who's name gets called the most now? Jackson for sure.  He loves to be outside. He also can't get enough of the ranger.  Loves milk just like his dad or shall I say the Ercanbrack family. He did not get that from me. He did however get his sweet-tooth from me.  He will never turn down a cookie. He loves dance parties with me.  Lots of days we jam out to zumba music or my sweet teeny pop music. He truely is such a special little guy and has such a sweet spirit. I'm so blessed to have him as my sweet baby boy.  Being a mom is even better than I could have ever imagined and I have dreamed about it my entire life. 

Here's some pictures from our past year of life.......picture overload

                                                   Katie and Jedds new babe

                                                          cousin fun in Ohio

                                              easter....He has changed so much

                                                     Zion for Sterlings Birthday In April

                                                                    Hates the Grass

                                                                        Best Friends

                                                Ky's First Birthday party at the Ranch

                                   Saying he loves this motor cycle is an understatement

                                          not happy about getting off his motorcycle

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 Since the new addition, we had a crazy summer with lots of visitors!! My family came a month after the babe was born.  Here is a preview of some of our fun week together!

Best news ever! We are going to Alaska in two weeks to visit Katie and Jedd.  I won tickets through a  contest on pintrest/facebook.  I just had to pin some photos to my board from the Dirty Dash blog (the mud run event) and than they picked a random winner.  I still can't believe I won!! No one else can either! Alaska here we come!!