Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I have so many dreams for my life here on earth!  At times I get super frustrated because my dreams can't come true when I want them too!   I can't wait till the day when I can become a mother....most of my thoughts are about having a baby! I use to never day dream about my children growing up but lately i almost look more forward to the days when I can just play and hang out with my kids.  When they have their own lives and their own opinions.  I'm sure when that day comes I will look back and think why did I look forward to this day again?!

My next big dream in life is to be a Photographer! I know I'm like every other Mormon girl out there. I have no idea if this is my true art in life but I can't wait to find out!  I have been dreaming about this for years now! I look at photographers for hours at a time. To me it is art and I can NEVER get enough!  I LOVE it!  I love the colors, the textures, the expressions on peoples faces, the stories that pictures tell, and how they make me feel something in side.  Its a passion that I have.  I look at Rebekah Westover Photography like everyday!  I LOVE HER!  I even got to watch her work atone  my besties weddings!  I told her how much I loved her work.....its like a have a crush on her cuz she is so FREAKIN good and i just love her style and crisp images.  I know this a random post but I just think about this all the time and its nice to put my thoughts on an empty canvas.  I dream of the day when we will be able to be out of debt and be able to buy THE camera I want! I know the day is coming soon and I get so excited/nerves just thinking about it.  Will I be good at this....will I really enjoy it or is just something that i dream about to fill my mind.  I really don't like to tell people I want to do Photography because I usually don't get the most positive response.  I understand that everyone wants to do it but that doesn't mean everyone is good at it and I really believe deep down that I may have a chance to be good at it!  Even if I'm not that good at it...I will love it and I know that I will have my supporters who like what I do because they LOVE ME!

The third thing i dream about all the time is traveling and seeing new places.  Oh how I love to TRAVEL!  I also found myself spending hours on the computer looking up places to go and cheap vacations.  I just can never get enough!  The other day Sterling and I were talking about how I have some money on my credit card that we are trying to pay off.  Well its from my trip to Europe.  When I bought my ticket i was still in school and of course i just didn't have 1,000 bucks laying around so naturally I used my credit card.  To me i can't put a price tag on the trip so i of course did it with out a 2nd thought.  Sterling asked me if I regretted that trip!  I told him I would have done it the same way every time.  That trip was  a once in a life time trip.  I had the time of my life and I will never forget that trip with Andrea.  Plus I told him it helped me realize that I was in LOVE with him!  Traveling is just one of my passions!  I love to look at all the different places and all the colors and people!  Uh I want to hop on a plane now!  Plus I want to travel so I can take a billion pictures of
new things and always have those pictures to look at forever!
I hope someday we will be able to go to Thai Land.  I want to go with Jedd/Katie, Sterlings parents plus any other siblings that would love to join.  Jedd and Morgan served their missions here.  It would be so fun to all go together.  Family trip! I was sad that we didn't get to go with Jedd and Katie when they went this last summer but it was just horrible timing for us. One day this trip WILL happen.

I want to go to NYC so bad.  Ok I have to confess.....I love Gossip Girl....yes trash i know.  But i can't help but want to put on my cutest coat, cloves, hat/head band (oh i love Blair's cute accessories), scarf and take in all the holiday spirit of NYC.  Oh and I'm dying to go to a Broadway show....WICKED!

Greence was the one place I was so sad that we didn't get to go here when we were Europe.  It was far and we just didn't have the time.  One day Ster and I will go here!

I will stay in one of these huts! I dream about Bora Bora all the time.  It didn't make life easier when they went here in the movie Couples Retreat and with the Bachelorette. I was drooling the entire time I watched was hard to focus on the show and not the gorgeous sites!

I would love to HIKE HIKE HIKE  and then HIKE some more in New Zealand.  The outdoors here just look amazing.  I would to take a back pack trip through the mountains with my hubby here.
I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED ITALY.  I want to go back so Sterling can see how amazing it is for himself and not have to listen to me gab about it.  I know he would love it as much as I do.  It would be so fun to eat gelato and get lost together. Oh and maybe since i have more money i can eat more than just pizza and pizza and pizza and fruit.
Oh I dream about how beautiful and relaxing Hawaii is.  I want to go back so bad.  I'm pretty sure i have planned at least 10 different trips to go back but one day it will work out.  I will get to show Sterling why i fell in LOVE with Hawaii!

Paul is one lucky man...Andrea is the best travel companion ever! These video's show why we always had so much fun traveling together! I just love this girl! Plus when i decided to eat a snack bag of Oreo's for lunch that i stole from Lake Powell since i had no money.....Yes Andrea pulls out a can of Tuna which she too brought with her! We were meant to be friends for eternity!

For now I will just dream.  My day will come.  I just wounder what I will get first.....a camera or a baby in my belly? Um its fun to think about what is to come in my life but I also need to slow down and enjoy the life that I'm living now.  Heavenly Father has a plan for us and I know in due time if its right I will get to do all the things I dream about!  I just need to focus on my great life now!  I have a bad habit of looking forward to the future and not enjoying my life while I'm living it!  So i will enjoy my time here in Salmon and I will love every minute of it!