Friday, November 18, 2011

Summer/fall recap....

In July we went to Utah with Katie and Jedd.  We spent an entire week making this beauty below. Well, the boys! Katie and I went on supplies runs, we where the eyes from afar, we dug and filled the wholes, we sat in camping chairs just watching and went on a bike ride that almost killed us!

The sweet now also has a cool sign in iron hanging down
We built this gate just for FUN!

Ah, not! We built this sweet gate for our up coming family business. We our starting a cat skiing business in Provo canyon.  It's a family affair!  Sterling's dad decided to start it and it was a dream of his, so of course we all love skiing/snowboarding and jump on the bandwagon!  

Morgan's (my father in-law) parents own land in Provo canyon.  We have a perfect mountain and its so PRETTY!  We have gone up to Utah a handful of times to clear trail and cut down trees. I now know how to use a chainsaw! Its so fun! I feel bad about cutting down those pretty trees but its so cool to see all the open space you just cleared up! 
If you live in Utah and love fresh powder check out our website for more info-

Walsburg  Mountain--- This is after the dam on the left going up the canyon towards Park City

I made this for a company that puts up fliers all over Utah and in stores.  I changed the font a little to make it easier to read and changed a few other things but ster deleted it.

For labor day we went to Yellowstone! It was so fun to just relax, see the sights and hang out! We haven't been able to do a lot of fun stuff with the family.  We have been working on the cat skiing stuff all summer so this was a perfect retreat!!

The beautiful Emma

Fam bam

sweet hike we went on....i was terrified we would see a bear! I mean it is Yellowstone!

This picture makes me laugh!

Of course we went to the South eastern Idaho Fair! It wouldn't be fall if we didn't! I love love love love love the fair! The ears.....rv' and the animals! I love it all!  I just get so happy even thinking about it! The fair has to be one of my most favorite things in life! I just love it! You can't go to the fair and not smile the entire time! Its just good old American fun!  It's one of my most favorite things about Idaho!

For the last few years they always have a hypnotist show.  I always die laughing in this show and forsure thought it was fake.  Well this year I decided when he was calling for volunteers that I would find out if it was real or fake.  I got picked!

He told us to close our eyes and they we couldn't even open them if we wanted too.  He then just kept talking and talking making us get deeper into "the sleep".  He says sleep but you still know whats going on.  When he kept going deeper into it, my body just kept getting heavier and heavier.  Like so heavy that I feel over on the person next to me! It was so weird but it just felt impossible to hold it up! I just wanted to lay there and never get up!

Other than that, its all just a show.  When they make you do all the funny stuff, you know whats going on and what you are doing.  The relaxing part and sleeping part really did work.  It worked with me alteast.  It was a fun memory but I think it's better to sit in the audience and laugh!

I'm in the pink

Look at that hot mama

 For conference weekend we went to the ranch in Provo canyon. Oh, this is the best time of year at the ranch! The leaves are just perfect! All the colors! I just look in aww! I love fall and I miss Ohio in the fall! I love the crunch, the smell and wearing a sweatshirt!  We had fun family time but it was way too short! The weekend seemed like a day!

the house at the many good memories!

Family walk on Sunday

Two weeks after conference weekend we went up to Utah again to clear trail.  We got to stay at the ranch again.  Ster and I decided since it's so far for us to travel to Utah, we wanted to enjoy it for a few days. 

After church on sunday we headed back up to the ranch. We went on a four wheeler ride just before dusk.  I love the loop around the ranch.  I love all the aspens. Anywho, on our way back down, search and rescue stopped us and asked us to show them how to get to this girl that was lost.  We showed them the way which took like an hour. Long ride but it was fun and exciting.  I was hoping the whole time that it was something crazy. I know I'm horrible wishing bad on others.  But it was just a dumb girl who decided to go dirt biking by herself, with no food, in an area she didn't know! Yeah she fell and twisted her ankle, she was to hungry to keep going and on the top of that she was lost! I felt bad for her but also a little confused why someone would do that!

 It was an amazing summer and fall!  Its going to be an ever better winter! 

Today it SNOWED! We celebrated by watching Sters new ski movie! I just want to live in poweder when I watch those movies!  They just make it look so sick and perfect! 

I'm so excited to go in two weeks. We our going to Big Sky, Montana for their 20 dollar day and my birthday!  Oh, its just going to be so FUN! My sugar....snow and hotel fun!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rough Day....

You know those days when you wake up...not wanting to get out of bed and then you try to come up with some reason/excuse to not go to work.  Yeah today has been one of those days! I'm just out of my groove!

Sterling also come home with some horrid news!  He's on call for thanksgiving!! NO! I do NOT DO NOT want to stay in Salmon by ourselves for thanksgiving! We where going to go to Sters house.....see games....EAT orange rolls...cut down a tree and enjoy our time off work! Now we get to stay home all weekend!

I also had no energy for my zumba class which is super lame if I'm lame.  Oh, and in our house a bomb went off.

I sat down tonight to eat my dinner...which of course was oatmeal since I refused to make din din and my ears brought me so much EXCITEMENT!  I heard my most favorite creative song on a tv show!  When I sold my old computer, I didn't get my music.  I had this one song that I would listen to over and over.  I never knew what it was called because I got it from my friend Leslie. It's called "Nara" by E.S. Posthumus.

I love how music can motivate you and just play to your emotions. When I listen to this song, I feel like I'm on an rowing a boat down the river in the middle of Africa. It just always makes me want to take on the world.  It doesn't have any words but I just love the notes!

Another song that speaks to me is from  pride and prejudice (Liz on top of the world by Aidan Broadbridge).  When I was in school I had a study play list and these two songs where played like 10 times a day.

It was a tough day but finding that song just made my day! Plus, I have the best SUGAR ever!!

Look them up.....sorry I have no idea how to link them! They are worth the effort even though they are different.....some may dislike but I heart them!