Thursday, May 27, 2010

We got a JOB!

Good news! Ster got a job in Salmon, Idaho. For those who don't know where that is.....yes I'm one of them....its north of Rexburg about 2 hours. Its in a little valley and its proudly known for the Salmon river. So he got a job in the O.R. unit. Its a brand new super nice hospital and all the people seem so nice and way laid back which is a plus. The town is only a population of 3,000 and the closest city in any direction is about 150 miles which kinda freaks me OUT! I had a hard time living in Rexburg at first. We haven't decided if its the place we need to be but in the next few days we will know for sure. He has a few more jobs he needs to look into before we take the offer. I know anywhere we go will be happy, its just scary to move and to such a small place. There's lots of fun things to do outside and we still have family within a day drive. So were super excited!
For the last month we have done nothing but look and look for jobs...well shall i say Ster. I pretty much bug him and then find something to do with my time. I look on KSL like a thousand times a day and i have bought atleast 2 workout dvds to keep me entertained! I went to Ohio 2 weeks ago and played with my family. My cousin Shanny just had the cutest baby in the world, so i got to hold her lots. It was so nice to go home. I missed my family so much and my little niece is talking up a storm!