Monday, April 26, 2010

Homeless but Happy!

Yes, Ster and I have no home! We have been adopted by Sters parents thankfully! This last winter I worked at Grand Targhee and Ster drove bus up to the resort. We lived with Katie and Jedd in a house in Victor for the cold winter months. We had tons of fun and saved lots of money. During the winter we bought a PUPPY!!! His name is Jackson! We love love love him to death! When Ster told me we could buy him...yes I started crying because I was so excited! He has been the greatest little dog. He always wants to cuddle and loves to lay under the blanket. He also never barks which is a huge bonus!! (I will post some pics soon)We also bought a new car this winter!! We got a Nissan Altima! Its so pretty! Its black with black interior. Since we bought a new car we thought it would be a perfect time to go on a road trip!! We have been wanting to go on a trip for Sters graduation and for our anniversary. Of course we went to California. We started our trip in Reno. We stayed in a sweet hotel and we went skiing in Lake Tahoe. The snow at Tahoe wasn't as great as the Ghee but we still had tons of fun. Sadly we got the boot from the mountain because we ducked a rope and went to a closed area. Luckily it was the end of the day anyway. After Tahoe we headed to Sacramento to hang out with some friends. While we were there Sterling took his state boards for nursing. He PASSED!!! The greatest new ever!!! We were able to enjoy our trip once we found that out!

After a few days in Sacramento we headed down south. We took the 1, it was so beautiful. We loved that drive! We ate lunch on the side of the road....we ate the famous sourdough bread that I bought in San Fransisco! I still have dreams about that bread. We camped that night in Santa Barabra and got up the next morning and headed to the most Magical place in the world...DISNEYLAND!! We did the promotion "give a day, get a day". We had tons of fun but the park was packed for spring break! My favorite part was the parade...i loved the music.

Oh I loved these balloons....if only they hadn't coast $13!

That night we drove to San Diego. Our first day in San Diego we went to the ZOO! The Zoo was amazing... I have never seen so many animals in my life and they were all so different. We had a blast just observing all the animals and other creepy creatures. Sterling loved all the big monsters in the's his favorite. Its the weirdest Alligator we have ever seen!

The next day we went to sea world! More animals!! The weather was a little cooler when we went but we still had tons of fun. The last hour of the night we decided that it would be fun to ride the water rapids. Well we thought for sure we could get off the ride some what dry...Wrong we got SOAKED!! We went and watched the night show soaked! It was a good way to end a memorable day at Sea World.

Oh Happy DAY! On 10Th of April we had our first anniversary!! We have been married for a year! Time flew by! It was the best year of my life! We have so much fun together! For our big day we went to the San Diego temple. We did some sealings and then a session. Going to the temple was a perfect way to celebrate! After the temple we went to Outback and went all out! Oh so yummy! That night we stayed in the nicest hotel on the bay! We were happy to be sleeping on a bed and not in our tent!
San Diego was our favorite place in Cali. Its so pretty and so relaxed and we just had so much fun. We couldn't of planned a better trip to celebrate all the fun things that are going on in our life!