Sunday, February 20, 2011


Here I come UTAH! I signed up to become and instructor! I'm so excited!  I love ZUMBA so much and the ladies in Salmon are super 
excited to have it! Yeah for free gym membership and Yeah for gettin a hot Bod! One goal down, thousands more to go! I'm so EXCITED!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Read the post below first...

Sterling reading my Latest post about missing summer and SUN:

S: WHY? You are not a true snowboarder!
M: Lots of people miss summer...even Katie towards the end of the season and she loves to SKI!
S: You get the winter blues? I don't .....I don't understand why people get depressed in the winter.
M: Ah yes I do get depressed in the winter and its totally NORMAL!

Ah men...they are so different but that must be why we love them so much!

SUNSHINE is on my mind!

All I can think about lately is SUNSHINE and SUMMER! Ah I just dream about the warm sun on my face and sitting in a hot car after church just because it feels so GOOD!  I LOVE summer so much. I love being able to go outside day and night without being miserable! 

I miss my runs outside everyday and just people/house watching.  I miss my runners tan! I miss sitting outside with Jackson.  My dog loves the SUN just as much as I do if not more!  I miss camping.  Every week Ster and I kinda go crazy in our house.  I just wish it was warm out so we could head up into the mountains and play all weekend for super CHEAP!  I miss pretty green grass and large green shady trees! Oh, Ohio has the best tress.  I love to go home in the summer and visit my family.  Its so GREEN!! I miss the green in Ohio but I love the MOUNTAINS way more!  There is so much to do!

I can't wait till we can go on our spur of the moment trips.  Some of the best memories I have of being married is our TRIPS that we plan that day.  We have gone to Jackson, Glacier National Park, Yellow Stone, Missoula and Grand Tetons National Park.  So many sweet memories with my lover ah!!

This SUMMER will be filled with lots more of those special trips! 
On a daily basis I'm looking up fun vacations for us to go on.  I really want to go on an Alaskan Cruise.  I also want to go on a super adventurous vacation.  Like backpacking through a foreign country or a road trip back East. For now I will just DREAM.  

I love REXBURG summers! I have so many great memories with my lover in the PARK
Utah+CAMPING+family+yummy food=AMAZING
Sterling and I just love to BACKPACK!
The RANCH never disappoints!
Ohh I can't wait to listen to Britt....get some new shoes....soak up the SUN and RUN my little heart out!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


OK, I have to write down my goals for 2011 so I will follow through with them!

-Get in shape/lose10-15 pounds....I have gained weight since my days in rexburg

-Eat healthy...I have eaten more fruits this week then I think I did for all of 2010

-Follow Dave Ramsey's total money make over.....this to me is like another bible!  I love everything he teaches. Sterling and I will be out of debt in 2 years! Yes, bye bye student loans!

-Read my scriptures every day....I thought this would get easier when I got married....nope!

-make lots of money to help accomplish my Dave goal!

-make a baby....yes mer hah

-be better at staying in touch with family and friends

-become a blonde again

-become a Zumba instructor

These are my goals.....I have like a trillion more things that I need to do to better my self but I must start small!! Sorry if this is a boring post but if I write it down I'm more likely to follow through! I will get skinny and I will become a more fabulous me!
In this picture I was the skinniest I have ever been.....I was debt free.....I read my scriptures everyday...I had blonde hair......I ate veggies and fruit everyday! I will become this girl again well minus the tan and plus a cute hubby! Oh and I will go to Hawaii and relive this picture once I do all of these things!!!

Joy to the World

I forgot to post...oldie but still good!

I love Christmas! I'm such a fat kid....I look forward to all the parties with all the yummy treats!  Re-cap for Thanksgiving we went to the ranch in Provo.  We didn't get there until late Thanksgiving night....the poor cows got sick at Sters parents house and 5 of them died.  I felt bad for the poor little cows.  I hate when animals die and I was also sad that all the yummy meat went to waste! I love the meat that his parents give us! Its the best beef I have ever had!!! Any who Thanksgiving was good.  We played in the snow and did a little shopping.  I love to spend time with family.  I also got a chance to talk with Grandma Ercanbrack.  I love her.  She is so sweet.  We talked a lot about cooking.  That woman knows how to COOK!

The week after Thanksgiving was my 25th BIRTHDAY! YAHOO!  I wasn't sure what Ster was getting but he surprised me BIG! He bought us tickets to go to Arizona to visit Andrea! I have the best husband.  Two years ago Ster proposed to me on my birthday.... it was the best birthday ever.  Well I never thought that he would be able to top that experience  and he mostly likely never will because that was a once in a lifetime thing but he did come close. We left for AZ the next day.  I was so excited that we didn't have to go to work for the next week and that we would just get to play! We had a blast with Andrea and Paul.  They know how to show a good time to us Idahoans.  We went out to dinner lots, we went to a Suns  game, went to a Christmas carnival,  went to Sadona, and saw lots of pretty dessert.  We just had tons of fun together.

When we got back from our trip we only had to work one week before Christmas vacation.  I just couldn't wait to be off work again and have more fun with my hubby.  I was so excited to go snowboarding.  I got a new freakin sweet board and Ster got new skis.  I couldn't wait to try out my new ride.  I got a flying V Burton board.  I'm in love with it!

So here is how the weekend starts off.....My first day of Christmas vacation was on Friday.  I'm so happy...I don't have to work for two weeks! I have a great day doing not too the house....just chilling....well then I go do some errands.....then I go to get my oil changed.  Well I never saw it coming but this was the WORST oil change customer service experience that I have ever had!!!!! I call the Quick Loop to make sure I didn't get ripped off.  Then the lady precedes to tell that they also wash your windows and vacuum your car.  Um yeah now of that I went back to get it done.  The Manager tells me that my car is done.....I walk out....they vacuumed it but didn't clean the windows.  OK....REALLY! I drove back there to once again only get half the service that they told me they provided! So I poked my head in the door and as kindly as POSSIBLE I told him that they didn't clean my windows and as a customer I felt like I shouldn't have to ask them to do something that they offered! I told him that I didn't want to done.  He then freaked out at me telling me to leave.  He said even if I wanted the windows cleaned they refused to do it. I was shocked at this point as the man is yelling at me and shussing me out the door.  I told him that he needs to stop offering things to his customers that hes not willing to do.  I got my car held it together for about 3 seconds until i pulled out and then i just started crying out of CONTROL! REALLY MICHELLE! Yes i cried over an oil change and a man yelling at me.  I have gone crazy and may need to be taken to the loony bin.  The man was super rude....I was super mad and it was just so silly.  I have moved on and maybe in a few months I will laugh about this silly moment in my life that seemed like attack on Michelle Ercanbrack.

So once that event ended I went to work at the Nook.  I was still distrot about the events of the day but I was trying to keep it together.  I was serving this table of men.  They are all locals.  They just kept getting round after round after round.  Well they were all so drunk.  Fine they want to have a great time...well good for them.  Well then I got upset when I saw all of them leave and DRIVE away!  Yes, they all drove home drunk.  Normally in life I never really thought about drunk driving until I got the job with the school.  I'm constantly reading about drunk drives and all the damage that they do to themselves and others.  It has become such a sad thing to me that people are so selfish in this world.  That they risk other peoples lives because they don't want to call a cab or find another way home.   It just really bothered me.  Rough day i guess.

Saturday morning comes.  I was so excited because we were going up to the ski hill.  So we leave on the way Ster tells me someone stole 500 bucks from out account! Ok, back to  why are people so selffish.  I try not to think about it.  We get up the the mountain.  I go to put my snow pants on...oh wait I forgot them at home.  Ok, well I will rent some.  I try to find snow pants.  None! Ok, I'll get my new board mounted with my bindings.  Yeah they don't have the kit that I need to do it, so I can't mount my bindings. this point Ster and I are at rock bottom.  Ster hates me but I hate myself even more.  We have been looking forward to riding since summer.  We are totally bummed.  We decide to go home and try another day.  On the way home Jedd told us how to mount my board a getto way.  We get home grab my pants and go back up to the hill.

Moral of the story.  Yes, it was a horrible 24 hours for me....but life does go on.  When we finally went on a run the attitude of the day totally changed.  None of the things that happened were important.  They were just little bumps along the way to help us see how lucky we are.  My life is so easy.  I'm healthy...I have the best hubby....I have a great family.....the gospel and I have everything that I need in life.  Yes, at times I think about what I don't have but really those things don't matter.  I so thankful that I have a best friend to share every moment with no matter if they are happy or sad.  They are great because I have him by my side.  I love you sugar!

The A-Frame Adventure

We had some visitors come to SALMON! We love when Jedd and Katie come to visit! They are so fun to play with! Once they got into town, we headed straight to the mountains.  We snowshoed 3 miles in the dark to a little A-Frame cabin in the mountains.  It was such a pretty night.  You could see stars for miles and the snow was fluffy white. It was also so fun just to talk and talk some more with Katie! I 'm pretty sure we never got sick of talking....while at least I didn't.  It took us like 2 hours to get to the cabin.  We also got a little lost along the way but we made it safely just in time for some din din and warm fire.  For dinner we ate yummy Elk steak, cheesey rice and then SCONES!!! The SCONES were so heavenly! I think they were the best scones I have ever had! We ate them with maple frosting....heart attack! After dinner we went to bed.  We slept in and then made some yummy breakfast.  Of course we made scones again. Just as good the second time around.  After breakfast we packed up and headed to the car. We made some play stops along the way of course.  It was so fun and it was great to know that we do have fun things to do in Salmon.  After our hike we decided to do another hike up to Gold Bug hot springs. That's about another 2 mile hike each way.  We really got our work out in for the day.  Ster and I went to these hot springs once in the summer but never in the winter.  It was super fun and the water felt 10 times better in the cold weather.  We finished the night off with some yummy pizza and root beer.  It was such a fun weekend.

Jackson got to ride in style.

Sterling is the best scone maker!
I loved this little cabin!