Thursday, June 21, 2012

Exploring Utah with the belly!

We love living in Utah!! It's so nice to be close to stores and mountains!! We love Heber Valley! So beautiful and green! I'm also loving the weather! It's so warm here which at times makes me angry since the babe makes me super hot!

We got another Xterra which has been super fun to have here.  We have taken it multiple times off raoding to some super pretty places.  At this moment in our lives, its super nice to drive around and look instead of walking or shall I say waddling.

For Memorial weekend we went camping in American Fork Canyon. That was a bit of a disaster! Beautiful but snow and freezing temperatures put a damper on the weekend. We went Saturday morning and just explored the back country in the warm car.  Since it was snowing we decided to head into town for dinner and a movie. Excellent choice. When we got back to our campsite hoping to make smores, we where welcomed by more snow! Straight to bed we went!

Sunday morning we hoped for the best. WRONG! It's the holiday weekend of course the weather needs to be horrid.  We went into town again and got breakfast and than hiked to timpanogos cave. Still cold and raining but it was beautiful!  We had fun and it was nice that it wasn't super hot.  Here are so pictures to document are festivities! Don't judge us....we look horrid in all of these but they are just to fun not to post, plus one day I'll be skinny again but I'll have an adorable baby boy!!

always waiting on the preggers.....I was slow!

32 weeeks

we where being silly on all of these...just having a good time in the back Ster was in heaven driving the Xterra

we decided to torture Jackson.....not in focus but it makes me laugh

The next weekend we decided to go back to the canyon and hike the trail that we wanted to do over the holiday weekend.   What a difference in the weather! Beautiful and sunny! Perfect hike for me too! It was all up but not bad at all.  It felt great to get out and hike.  I miss it so much and I'm so sad I won't get to do any backpack trips this summer.  After the hike we went into town. Did some shopping and ended the night with a movie. Such a fun day! 
2 mile hike up to a lake in American Fork canyon

33 weeks

we have a love/hate relationship ....or I do.....being pregnant I get super annoyed with the poor pup!

view from the lake

Jackson loves hiking.....everyone always says oh I bet you had to carry him up here.....yeah right he hikes better than both of us.  He needs his own backpack to carry his goods in since he has so much energy! 

This last weekend we went up to the ranch in Provo canyon with Ster's family.  I love going to the ranch! Its so beautiful and relaxing. We just hang out, talked, went on the 4 wheeler and relaxed! Great weekend!

I'm now 35 weeks. Baby will be here so soon! I can't believe it! It has gone by so fast! Some days i wish it was time and others I freak out thinking we are going to have a baby!  My belly is huge and I'm getting so uncomfortable! Its hard to sleep at night and I get up to pee like 3 times in the night. I'm still going strong with my work outs but pew today it was super hard. I look like a beached whale when I try to get up off the floor. Not a pretty site!

We are taking birth classes which we didn't plan on doing but they fell into our lap so we went with it.  I'm happy we are taking them now. I have learned so much about breathing and potions. It's just giving me more knowledge and power over my labor which is great.  I just feel more prepared for the big event.

The babes room is all set up! I just need to put some stuff on the walls and it will be ready! Pictures to come! Yeah for baby boy Ercanbrack!!!