Sunday, April 17, 2011

I eat..breath...sleep ZUMBA!

I went to my Zumba training last weekend in Salt lake. I LOVED IT! Since then all I do is think about it. I keep dreaming about it too! At first it was cool because I love the beats, but now I would like a thought in my mind to not be consumed by Latin beats and hip shaking!
The training was on all day event. I had a blast.  I feel in love with the girl who taught it. I always get girl crushes! She was so cute and so fun! She could also SHAKE it. I hope to some day be as half as good as her! I start my class this Friday! I hope I can remember all the dances! It's a lot more work then I ever thought it would be! But I love it! Can working out really be a hobby? YES, its my hobby and I really do LOVE it! Here I come hot Latin bod and FREE gym membership!

Last Sunday Sterling and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary!! Can't believe it has already been 2 years!! The time has gone so fast! We didn't do to much. Stering bought a gun.  Yes, I know I'm such a good wife! We went to the gun shop.... picked out the one we liked and then tested it out.  I was a little nervous to shoot it but once I figured it out, it really wasn't too scary. Ster really wanted a guy for protection when we go on backpack trips this summer. We have been buying and buying gear like crazy! Sterling is obsessed! It will be so fun though! After we bought the gun we went to  movie and then din din.  It wasn't a crazy day but a nice fun day with my sugar! That's all I need!

I LOVE the TEMPLE! I'm so lucky to have those blessings in my life! It's so amazing to know that my marriage will last for ever and not just in this life! I love going to the temple and I love how happy it makes me! IT just makes me so HAPPY!!