Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm the WORST blogger

So the last time i updated our blog was when i made it! Yes, i think that qualifies me for one of the worst bloggers! So life so good! We have been married now for 7 months and i can't believe how fast it has gone. We have already had so much fun together these last few months i just cant wait for what the next years in our life. We are still living in Rexburg. Ster will be done with school at the end of December. He will graduate with his R.N. So as of now we have no idea where we are going. We are thinking Mesa area or Utah but it all just depends on where he can get the best job. Our apartment contract ends Dec. 31 and as of now we will be homeless Jan 1st! Its so close and yet we have no clue what we are going to do! Its exciting though! We both are super excited to be done with college and on to a new phase in our lives. Im super excited to start looking for a job were i can use my degree. Oh i love Johnny Carinos but 5 years is way to long to be a slave to customers! I can't wait! I also hope to start doing photography. I have always had a love for it and now that Sters done with school we will be able to afford a nice camera.
This summer we did lots of fun things. We went on a few back packing trips. My favorite was with Jedd and Katie. Went on a loop hike up past Sun Valley. The hike had lots of different lakes. It was beautiful. The leaves were all changing and the weather was perfect. W even jumped into fun of the freezing lakes. However, as the day turned into night i was terrified that we were going to get eaten by a BEAR! I'm from Ohio, when we camp there's nothing to be afraid of but in the mountains my mind goes crazy!

We also got to go to Ohio for another reception. It was great to go home and see my family in the summer. Ohio is 10 times better in the summer then compared to the winter. There isn't much to do there in the winter. Its to flat and cold to have fun outside! We took of advantage of the warm weather. We went to Cedar Point with Sters parents who also came to the reception. We went to visit my Dads lake house on PUT-IN-BAY. We went swimming in the dirty Lake Erie and played with Gabby! It was super fun but as always too short! I love being with my mama and sister!

We have also had the chance to go to a few wedding, which it way better once your married! We also took a trip to Jackson. We camped in our car. We went to the Tetons park. It was super pretty. I have never been to that part before. So it was cool to see the other side of the Tetons. We also went on a camping trip to Yellowstone. We bought a new tent this summer and we were dying to try it out or i mean Ster was dying to try it out! We love going to Yellowstone. It never gets old. It has so many natural sites. At the end of the summer we went on a big camping trip with Sters family. We went to Copper Basin. We went for four days. The weather again stayed super nice until we got to the top of the mountain on our day hike. It started to pour and then turned into hail! It wasn't fun. I was fishing after the rain. I was standing on a large rock. When i went to cast i fell back into a puddle! My bum was went the rest of the hike! It was not fun!