Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Highlights

January- Move to Driggs to work at Grand Targhee with Katie and Jedd, become ski/snowboard bums for the winter

February- We bought a new PUPPY and named him Jackson, Sterling moved to Canada to drive bus for the Olympics, I watched lots of movies and cuddled with my pup, Went to AZ for Andrea and Paul's wedding

March- Sterling comes HOME, we played in the snow a lot,  went to Utah to played at the ranch and ride snowmobiles with family, We bought a new CAR

April- Our 1 year Anniversary,  ROAD TRIP to Cali and finished the trip off canyoneering in Utah with K + J, Jessica came home from her MISSION, We moved in with Sterling's Parents, Sterling turns 25

May- JOB hunting, I went to visit my family in OHIO and see my cousins new baby, went to some interviews for Sterling, went to Utah for Sara's wedding

June- Sterling got a job in SALMON, we moved into a house in Salmon,  I started working at the Shady Nook, Got called to be primary teachers

July- Katie, Jessica and Jedd came to Salmon to play for the Fourth, first time on the RIVER, I become a lab rat in Utah for money, went running everyday

August- Week long river trip down the middle Fork with Sterling's FAMILY, played with Jessica at the Boy Scout camp in North Fork, went to the Missoula fair, My sister had her sweet BABY Natalie, went Lagoon

September- Went on a HIKING trip with family in the Sawtooth Mountains, went to the Blackfoot FAIR, Jedd and Katie come home from Thailand, we went to Rexburg and went mountain biking with all of Sterling's siblings, I got a JOB as the Drug Free Coordinated for the school district, went Utah for Conference and played at the Ranch, last minute trip to GLACIER NATIONAL PARK

October- took a few high school kids to McCall for a leadership retreat, Put on a Halloween PARTY for the High School, visited family

November- Went to Utah for Thanksgiving and played at the RANCH, Went shopping on black Friday, went skiing at lost trail and then played in Missoula

December- I turn 25, Ster surprised with a trip to AZ, went Grand Targhee to visit K + J, went snowboarding in JACKSON, spent the holidays with Sterling's FAMILY, enjoyed time off work

We had such a fun year! We did so many fun things that I can't even remember them all!  Can't wait to make lots and lots of new memories for 2011!