Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring FUN

Spring is HERE! Since the weather was so nice last weekend we decided to test out the waters and go for a backpack trip.  We thought maybe just maybe if we stayed low enough we wouldn't see too much snow.

Ha....WRONG!  Snow piles taller than me and then some!

We went to Lake Como in Montana. It's about an hour from our house. The Lake was super pretty and it was so warm! In the night It couldn't have gotten any colder than 50 degrees.  Just perfect camping weather.  We camped that night at the Como camp ground and then headed out the next morning for the higher lake.  We hiked about 3 miles until we saw snow.  At first it was just little piles here and there. Well then it turned into Hugh SNOW piles! The trail turned into a little creek with snow on top!  It was still atleast 60 degrees out.  We started hiking through the hugh snow piles. Yes, snow piles in shorts and athletic shoes!  Our shoes were soaked and my legs hurt because of the freezing snow touching them.

We went maybe another mile until we just couldn't get any further. Too much SNOW!  We hiked back to our car..... went home to watch a movie and eat CURRY!!  It was still so fun to get out and play in nature! We are so sick of being stuck inside and not being very active!  Yeah for SUMMER!!

Como Lake....the view of it from our hike.  The lake was like 3 times bigger
than the little piece in this picture.

Jackson hiked the entire way! What a cute puppy!  We loved having him since he makes
everything more entertaining. Yes, we are those weird dog people!

When went on a hike in Salmon.....this is OUR pretty little city!

For memorial day we are going to MOAB!!! I can't wait! I think about it like a million times a day. I can't wait until school is over.  I can't wait until I just get to soak up some SUN in a pretty place. I can't wait to play with Jedd....Katie....Jess.... and Ster for 5 days.....76 hours.......4,560 minutes.....273,600 seconds of pure BLISS!!!  It has been too long since we have done something fun with family!!

After our fun weekend I'm going to stay with one of my best friends Shelli. I haven't seen her in like a million years! I super excited to just to see her and talk with her in person! After my lovely visit with Shelli....I will be on a plane to OHIO!!

Yes, I get to go to OHIO!!! I get to see my family...and finally meet my niece Natalie. She is almost a year, so the visit is a little over DUE!  Sad part is my hubby has to stay home to make the bucks so I can spend it! Thanks sugar for working so hard to pay for my FUN!

Yeah to a great start of summer! Thursday just can't come soon enough!

P.S Here are some pics that I just found on my camera....oldies but goodies!

In  AZ ....Sedona

We loved pretty

Grand Targhee, this place!

More Targhee with the lovely ladies! Such a fun weekend!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

SUmMer BrEEze...

Summer is in the air........All this week the weather has been so NICE!
The SUN...ah it feeds my SOUL!
Last week I went running 3 times outside! Ah I just don't know what it is about running in the SUN....listening to my favorite JAMS...........and checking out the sites in my little TOWN! Ah I just love working out. It makes me feel so so so so GOOD about myself! I LOVE how running just helps me clear my mind and think about stuff!  I'm pretty sure I think about like 5 things all the TIME.....

1. WoRKinG OUT
2. mY HOT HUbbY
3. BaBIEs
5. jOBs

Yes, while I work out I think about the more things I can do to help me GET in shape.  

Yes, my husband is one hottie! 

Yes, I apply for every job that is available in Salmon and then always come out with NOTHING! I need a job for summer at least PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I dream about photography......and decorating my house! I wish I could buy all the furniture and home goods I wanted. I love plants...weird not sure why and I don't think I will ever get sick of gray. I think about redoing a room and gray is ALWAYS the base color!
Can i please have hydrangeas in every room in my house! Ah i just love these FLOWERS and the style THEY bring!


Yes, babies our on my mind all the time. I'm obseesed with any show that involves prego woman (Pregnant in Heels, Teen Mom).  I also now find myself going into stores and picking out strollers....clothes.....cribs name it and I'm sure I have checked it out! Sterling may also be getting sick of me because pregnancy talk is becoming like word vomit. I say "when I'm pregnant" or "our baby" or "when we are parents".  I pretty sure with all this baby talk Sterling will finally agree with me that it may be time to have a baby! Yesterday he admitted to finally saying he is starting to get baby hungry.....YES!  I can't wait for us to have a baby! It may be a tough road and it may not work out the way we want but I'm sure it will change our lives for the better.

Since we are Baby free  I will enjoy maybe one of our last summers together just us! Even though I'm baby hungry, I still feel like a little kid who doesn't want to give up my independence!  It's so fun to just go play with Ster and family when ever we want! I love the taste of the freedom we have this summer!

This weekend we used our freedom and went to Missoula. We went out to din din....went to the movies twice...his and her movies. I picked Something Borrowed and Ster picked Thor. We stayed in a hotel and went shopping! Ah, LOVE little trips away!!!!!