Sunday, May 8, 2011

SUmMer BrEEze...

Summer is in the air........All this week the weather has been so NICE!
The SUN...ah it feeds my SOUL!
Last week I went running 3 times outside! Ah I just don't know what it is about running in the SUN....listening to my favorite JAMS...........and checking out the sites in my little TOWN! Ah I just love working out. It makes me feel so so so so GOOD about myself! I LOVE how running just helps me clear my mind and think about stuff!  I'm pretty sure I think about like 5 things all the TIME.....

1. WoRKinG OUT
2. mY HOT HUbbY
3. BaBIEs
5. jOBs

Yes, while I work out I think about the more things I can do to help me GET in shape.  

Yes, my husband is one hottie! 

Yes, I apply for every job that is available in Salmon and then always come out with NOTHING! I need a job for summer at least PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I dream about photography......and decorating my house! I wish I could buy all the furniture and home goods I wanted. I love plants...weird not sure why and I don't think I will ever get sick of gray. I think about redoing a room and gray is ALWAYS the base color!
Can i please have hydrangeas in every room in my house! Ah i just love these FLOWERS and the style THEY bring!


Yes, babies our on my mind all the time. I'm obseesed with any show that involves prego woman (Pregnant in Heels, Teen Mom).  I also now find myself going into stores and picking out strollers....clothes.....cribs name it and I'm sure I have checked it out! Sterling may also be getting sick of me because pregnancy talk is becoming like word vomit. I say "when I'm pregnant" or "our baby" or "when we are parents".  I pretty sure with all this baby talk Sterling will finally agree with me that it may be time to have a baby! Yesterday he admitted to finally saying he is starting to get baby hungry.....YES!  I can't wait for us to have a baby! It may be a tough road and it may not work out the way we want but I'm sure it will change our lives for the better.

Since we are Baby free  I will enjoy maybe one of our last summers together just us! Even though I'm baby hungry, I still feel like a little kid who doesn't want to give up my independence!  It's so fun to just go play with Ster and family when ever we want! I love the taste of the freedom we have this summer!

This weekend we used our freedom and went to Missoula. We went out to din din....went to the movies twice...his and her movies. I picked Something Borrowed and Ster picked Thor. We stayed in a hotel and went shopping! Ah, LOVE little trips away!!!!!


chelse said...

I loved your post. ha I didn't know you wanted a baby so bad. I guess you told me last summer you were planning on having one soon. hopefully Sterling comes around. I told Ryley this winter to start preparing because in a year I wanted to get pregnant. I think a year is enough time to give.... You are so awesome to work out so much. Can you get a job teaching at your gym? you would LOVE that for sure. Maybe you should plan a weekend in Rexburg and we can start designing fabric like we talked about. We could do it for sure

Leslie said...

Yay to all of the above! Especially the baby part! That will be so exciting whe you are preg. Good for you for working out so hard. I wish I could come to your zumba class. Miss and love you tons!

Brittney said...

So glad you're doing well! I totally know how it feels to not have a job when you REALLY want one! I'm sure that something will work out for you!

Chyn said...

Babies and fun summers! I love this post! We are going to have a blast this summer. Love you tons and am excited to be an aunt one day! (an Ercanbrack aunt ;))

Me and Jedd! said...

hey, that last comment was me- the one that says CHYN. Love you!

Mari Kjar said...

yea! i found y'alls blog... i'm adding you to our peeps. i couldn't agree more about the home decor and all of the above!! it's still chilly and rainy here and NY, so every bit of sun is heaven sent. SOOO ready for summer. and glad to hear the zumba worked out. wish i could be in your class!!!