Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hiking BEASTS 2!

Hike number 2! We did a 26 mile loop hike in 2 days! Wow is YES! By the end of the first day we both thought about  just dropping in the middle of the trail and not moving for HOURS!
 We did get lost and at one point we where climbing on the side of the mountain but we made it to our destination!  We saw over 20 lakes on our hike.....climbed over 6 passes and hiked up to 13,000 ft?! (i think)

Yes thanks Sterling for all the pictures of me BY MYSELF! He refused to let me take pictures of him! He claimed he likes pictures with me in them instead of him! Little stinker!

We hiked down this crazy steep mountain pass! The little dot in the picture is me coming down! It was so steep!

On the drive home we stopped at Red Fish Lake in Standley! It was so PRETTY! We put our feet in the water and felt super refreshed.  We then went to the gas station. I was so HUNGRY!  I was such a fat kid ...I got yummy gas station nachos with that delis yellow cheese and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich! DO NOT JUDGE ME!   Ster also joined me in the fat kid club.....he got chips, juice and mountain dew!  Worth every bite!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hiking BEASTS!

WE LOVE BACKPACK TRIPS!  Nothing better than the Hubs...the pup..fresh air....fresh spring water....mountains.....lakes.....scones and fishies! We hiked a 20 mile loop in 2 days! Our little feetsies hurt but the pain was worth the escape in the wilderness. 

Our new tent! Sterling is obsessed!

Prettiest camp site!

 Favorite memory of the trip:  We went fishing in the above. Ster caught a few fishies but they where pretty small so we let them go.  I too caught a little fishy so we let him go too.  As I went to throw the cast out again I saw something small still on the hook. YES, it was the poor little fishes EYE! The fish still fell off in the water so we didn't realize that I caught the fish but the eye and not the month.  Well like a second later the fish came to shore and was swimming in circles. He couldn't see and was so confused! It was the saddest thing I have ever seen! I felt so bad for the FISH! We caught him and had to put him out of his misery.

I felt so bad for the fish so I insisted that we eat him even though he was super SMALL! I couldn't let that little fish die in vain! He was pretty tasty and my guilt went away when with just one bite! Yes, he was that good!! Thanks little fish!

Best weekend of the summer with my SUGAR!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The WORLD of blogging...

I just spent like the last 3 hours of my life blog stocking....

I love blogging and I love reading..learning...seeing....dreaming....imagining when I read all these blogs!

I love blogging but I also find myself thinking less about my talents....my blessing....my life and worry about what others have that I don't have.  I love reading my friends and family's blogs.....I find joy in their joy and sadness when they are hurting. 

I'm more referring to the blogs that are a business. I know most of them do it and truly mean well.  Most of them truly are just about their lives.  It just makes me think....why is there life so interesting? Why do people get sucked into reading about their life everyday? It's just like reality TV...why are we so fascinated with others lives?

I'm so one of those people who is fascinated with other peoples lives. I just don't get it!!! WHY?!

We all have our own amazing lives. We all have those moments where we think we can't go on and than there's that moment when you think life just can't get any BETTER!

I have made a goal to stop looking at people's lives and wishing that I had what they have.  I'm so sick of wishing to have more money....wishing that we lived somewhere else.....wishing for a different job..wishing for a baby....wishing for new material things and talents that others have!!!

My life is AMAZING! I have my health...my family and the best hubby ever! Yay for our great lives!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crazy FUN

Since school has been out and I have had the summer off...... everyday has been PLAY TIME!

-I have been to church in my home ward like twice this summer....kinda sad! Church is hard in other wards! I can't focus!
-in the month of July I have been home a total of 10 days
-my life when I am home is work work work
- Since summer we have had so much family time!! Yippy!

In July I went on a sister trip with my sister in-laws! Love them!! They are the best! We went on a road trip to California.  We stayed in Carlsbad which is about 30 mins from San Diego on the coast. We stayed with a family that Jess knew.  They are empty nesters.  They where amazingly nice and sweet!

Day 1-Las Vegas! We walked around Vegas for a few hours...it was so HOT! We finished our drive and took a tip in the pool when we got to the family's house we stayed at.
The Bellagio had hydrangeas everywhere!  I loved it!

Day 2- Shopping .....and BEACH DAY! Ah I love the beach! Its so peaceful.....ah I just feel like the beach warms my soul....if that makes sense?! Its a wonderful place.....I LOVE THE OCEAN!

Day 3-Disneyland! It was a fun day filled with lost of princeses, sugar, sun and rides! It was a fun day but I think I have had my fill of Disneyland for like the next 10 years! So many people and so many lines!
I love Tangled! I can't help it!

Day 4- I started the morning off with a run to the beach! Oh I wish I could do that run everyday! The air smelled amazing and there's nothing like have the beach as your destination!   Beach Day and Surfing! Yes, I got to go surfing for the first time and yes, I GOT UP! I loved it even though it goes by way to fast!  I can't wait until I can go again someday! Mike was the dad of the family we stayed with.   He's a surfer dude and taught us his skills.  After surfing he and his wife took us to dinner.  They where so fun to talk too! They are such a fun couple and I loved staying with them.  We felt so welcome in their house! I hope one day I can return the favor when I'm a empty nester and have some girls road trip it to my house!

Day 5-DRIVING DRIVING and more DRIVING! It was still a fun filled day with lots of fun convo's!

Thanks KATIE for taking me!! I had so much fun with my sisters!!! Great memories! More pictures to come. Katie has all the cute pictures!  More updates on summer to come.