Monday, August 29, 2011

Hiking BEASTS!

WE LOVE BACKPACK TRIPS!  Nothing better than the Hubs...the pup..fresh air....fresh spring water....mountains.....lakes.....scones and fishies! We hiked a 20 mile loop in 2 days! Our little feetsies hurt but the pain was worth the escape in the wilderness. 

Our new tent! Sterling is obsessed!

Prettiest camp site!

 Favorite memory of the trip:  We went fishing in the above. Ster caught a few fishies but they where pretty small so we let them go.  I too caught a little fishy so we let him go too.  As I went to throw the cast out again I saw something small still on the hook. YES, it was the poor little fishes EYE! The fish still fell off in the water so we didn't realize that I caught the fish but the eye and not the month.  Well like a second later the fish came to shore and was swimming in circles. He couldn't see and was so confused! It was the saddest thing I have ever seen! I felt so bad for the FISH! We caught him and had to put him out of his misery.

I felt so bad for the fish so I insisted that we eat him even though he was super SMALL! I couldn't let that little fish die in vain! He was pretty tasty and my guilt went away when with just one bite! Yes, he was that good!! Thanks little fish!

Best weekend of the summer with my SUGAR!


Christine Peterson said...

Haha I love the story of the fish! Your pictures are so pretty and you look pretty cute yourself too! BTW Oregon is really pretty and there are a lot of places to camp wink wink! Love and miss you!

Cynthia Ercanbrack said...

You guys are soooo way cute! It makes me so happy that you do such neat things together :) 'Love you!