Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hiking BEASTS 2!

Hike number 2! We did a 26 mile loop hike in 2 days! Wow is YES! By the end of the first day we both thought about  just dropping in the middle of the trail and not moving for HOURS!
 We did get lost and at one point we where climbing on the side of the mountain but we made it to our destination!  We saw over 20 lakes on our hike.....climbed over 6 passes and hiked up to 13,000 ft?! (i think)

Yes thanks Sterling for all the pictures of me BY MYSELF! He refused to let me take pictures of him! He claimed he likes pictures with me in them instead of him! Little stinker!

We hiked down this crazy steep mountain pass! The little dot in the picture is me coming down! It was so steep!

On the drive home we stopped at Red Fish Lake in Standley! It was so PRETTY! We put our feet in the water and felt super refreshed.  We then went to the gas station. I was so HUNGRY!  I was such a fat kid ...I got yummy gas station nachos with that delis yellow cheese and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich! DO NOT JUDGE ME!   Ster also joined me in the fat kid club.....he got chips, juice and mountain dew!  Worth every bite!


Jodi said...

You guys are awesome! Beautiful pictures!

Me and Jedd! said...

oh man. that looks amazing. wish we could've been there. you guys are definently out vacationing us this summer ;) hehe, jk. and ster looks great in all of those pictures, he's actually smiling!

Shey Ercanbrack said...

It's so beautiful! And looks like a blast! And can I just compliment you on how talented you are to get so many pictures of the both of you...you must've had to find lots of random rocks and such to put them on and run before the timer ended. Ha!

Tiffany said...

WOW I am so impressed! And don't we live in such a beautiful place! We use to get out a lot and see those beautfiul lakes too, maybe next summer ;)