Friday, August 26, 2011

The WORLD of blogging...

I just spent like the last 3 hours of my life blog stocking....

I love blogging and I love reading..learning...seeing....dreaming....imagining when I read all these blogs!

I love blogging but I also find myself thinking less about my life and worry about what others have that I don't have.  I love reading my friends and family's blogs.....I find joy in their joy and sadness when they are hurting. 

I'm more referring to the blogs that are a business. I know most of them do it and truly mean well.  Most of them truly are just about their lives.  It just makes me think....why is there life so interesting? Why do people get sucked into reading about their life everyday? It's just like reality TV...why are we so fascinated with others lives?

I'm so one of those people who is fascinated with other peoples lives. I just don't get it!!! WHY?!

We all have our own amazing lives. We all have those moments where we think we can't go on and than there's that moment when you think life just can't get any BETTER!

I have made a goal to stop looking at people's lives and wishing that I had what they have.  I'm so sick of wishing to have more money....wishing that we lived somewhere else.....wishing for a different job..wishing for a baby....wishing for new material things and talents that others have!!!

My life is AMAZING! I have my family and the best hubby ever! Yay for our great lives!

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chelse said...

I know exactly what you mean. And just so you know I used to fb stalk you and wish I has as much fun as you! No one ever posts the hard stuff, just the fun and pretty and exciting stuff. I just saw pictures of you trip and though, man I want to go to CA!
You're amazing and this is what I do. When I see what others do I try to think of my life and what amazing times I've had. That's why I blog, so I can remember how great I have it!
I hope you're doing good! I really hope some time we'll be able to get together!