Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crazy FUN

Since school has been out and I have had the summer off...... everyday has been PLAY TIME!

-I have been to church in my home ward like twice this summer....kinda sad! Church is hard in other wards! I can't focus!
-in the month of July I have been home a total of 10 days
-my life when I am home is work work work
- Since summer we have had so much family time!! Yippy!

In July I went on a sister trip with my sister in-laws! Love them!! They are the best! We went on a road trip to California.  We stayed in Carlsbad which is about 30 mins from San Diego on the coast. We stayed with a family that Jess knew.  They are empty nesters.  They where amazingly nice and sweet!

Day 1-Las Vegas! We walked around Vegas for a few hours...it was so HOT! We finished our drive and took a tip in the pool when we got to the family's house we stayed at.
The Bellagio had hydrangeas everywhere!  I loved it!

Day 2- Shopping .....and BEACH DAY! Ah I love the beach! Its so peaceful.....ah I just feel like the beach warms my soul....if that makes sense?! Its a wonderful place.....I LOVE THE OCEAN!

Day 3-Disneyland! It was a fun day filled with lost of princeses, sugar, sun and rides! It was a fun day but I think I have had my fill of Disneyland for like the next 10 years! So many people and so many lines!
I love Tangled! I can't help it!

Day 4- I started the morning off with a run to the beach! Oh I wish I could do that run everyday! The air smelled amazing and there's nothing like have the beach as your destination!   Beach Day and Surfing! Yes, I got to go surfing for the first time and yes, I GOT UP! I loved it even though it goes by way to fast!  I can't wait until I can go again someday! Mike was the dad of the family we stayed with.   He's a surfer dude and taught us his skills.  After surfing he and his wife took us to dinner.  They where so fun to talk too! They are such a fun couple and I loved staying with them.  We felt so welcome in their house! I hope one day I can return the favor when I'm a empty nester and have some girls road trip it to my house!

Day 5-DRIVING DRIVING and more DRIVING! It was still a fun filled day with lots of fun convo's!

Thanks KATIE for taking me!! I had so much fun with my sisters!!! Great memories! More pictures to come. Katie has all the cute pictures!  More updates on summer to come.


Me and Jedd! said...

michelle you're my favorite sister in law in the whole world ;) that was a fun trip. i love that picture of all four of us, i don't have one of those. love you tons and miss you guys already! can't wait to see you again soon . . . oregon??? hehe

Shelli Dame said...

Looks like such a fun trip Mitch!! I love the pictures you took, and I think the last one is totally framed art worthy. I love you so much and I read your first blog post and decided to consolidate my comments. But I often feel the same way you do! I think it's so important that we remember the blessings that we have in our own lives, and cherish the time spent with the ones we love. Its so easy to fall into that pit of "wishing." But you are one wonderful and positive girl, Sterling is lucky to have you! Love you bunches and miss you!