Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chaffin (SNOW) Lake

Attempt 2 at backpacking in the summer where the SNOW NEVER melts!

Two weeks ago we drove up to Montana.  It was so so warm and sunny.   In the valley it was like 90 degrees.  The forest was so pretty and so alive compared to the first hike we went on this year.  It was so green.  I loved it!  We hiked the along the river/creek.  I love the sound of relaxing! 

About 5 miles into the hike you had to cross the river.  The river was super high from all the snow melt.  We had to hike off the trail to find a safe place to cross.  Once we crossed the creek we stepped into SNOW! YES, it was like 80 degrees but we reached the snow line at about 7,000 ft.  No fun!  No trail and lots of snow in tenny shoes!  Along our snow hike we did come across a beautiful waterfall that was coming down every way possible.  It was one of the prettiest waterfalls we have ever seen.  

We finally reached the lake thinking oh the snow will be more melted since it gets direct sunlight....WRONG!  The lake was still frozen on the out shirts.  We walked around the entire like before we found a HUGH rock to camp on.  My spirits where pretty low and I was praying like crazy that we would find a place to stay. I was just so burnt out from hiking in all the snow and water.  I wanted to get dry and restore my energy plus I fell like a billion times in the snow.  It was either super slushy/slick or you just fell though to your knee.  Not fun.  The rock was our moment of glory!

We set up fire wood...made dinner and checked out the 2nd lake above us.  After dinner we made scones!  Yes, in the middle of the woods we made scones with maple frosting.  I buy rhodes rolls and make the frosting before we leave.  It has become a tradition that we make scones when we car camp or go on a night trip.  Its just so yummy! We had so much fun and I'm so happy that we found that rock! It saved our trip.  I love spending time with my sugar in nature.  We have so much fun together.  It's one of our most favorite things to do together!  Yeah for summer and snow!

This is the lake we camped can see our little orange tent in the background

July or December?

This is the upper lake....half frozen.  I guess there is one more lake after this one but we couldn't see it with all the snow.

Yeah for weekend fun getaway with my best friend! 


chelse said...

you always look like you're doing something fun... but it does look a bit cold. I wish we didn't have homework and could play on the weekends!

Stewarts said...

What a fun trip! I am jealous! You look sooo great! (as always) :) You and your hubby are too cute together. You guys are going to have some good looking kids, when the time comes. :) But let me say take your sweet time on that one. lol If you ever make a trip to California you better let me know! :) Take care Mitch! Love ya!

Tiffany said...

Michelle! I just got caught up on your blog and love it! I love that you love to backpack and do so many things outdoors - someday we should get together and do an adventure. Hope the job front is working out for you - you (still) look absolutely amazing!

Shey said...

Way cute pictures and this looks so fun! I am aching for a summer adventure..too much school in my system! haha!