Friday, August 20, 2010


So for the last 2 weeks Ster and i have been running! We have decided to get into SHAPE! We made a goal to run 15 miles each week for the next 2 months.  We each want to lose a little weight TOO on this journey! If we complete our goals we each get $200 dollars to do as we wish.  I'm so going to do it! I want to buy some new clothes so bad! Since i have been married i never buy clothes! I feel like I wear the same thing everyday and i just feel so outdated! So each week so far i have been making my goal! I have started to look forward to my runs now. I like running.  I get to clear my head and think of creative ideas.  I do my best thinking when i'm running! It also makes me feel so so so good! I already feel a difference in my body.  It may just be in my head but either way i still feel great!  I never thought in a million years that i would ENJOY running!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Summer Summer!

I have wanted to update our blog for weeks now.  I just always seem to find something else to do instead. Currently it is raining cats and dogs here in Salmon but earlier this afternoon it was sunny and hot so I decided to clean the Altima.  It took me about 2 hours with all the steps that Ster insists on doing.  My plan was to pick him up from work and have him be so excited/impressed that I did such a good job cleaning the car.  Now I'm stuck with no car because I refuse to take it out of the garage until this rain stops and Ster can see it.  Looks like he may be walking home from work!

Things are great here in Salmon.  We got a calling in our ward.  We team teach the 7 year old's in primary.  It's so much fun.  We have a set of twins and a set of triplets.  So funny and random!  We have been living up the life on the river.  Since the river is the main source of recreation around here we bought tubes went floating!  So relaxing but it turned out horrible when Ster got burnt.... he looked like a lobster I could have eaten for dinner he was so red.  He woke up every night in pain for like 3 days.  Never again will we float without sunscreen! We have also been able to go to the boyscout camp on the river where Sterling's sister Jess works.  Katie and Jedd came up from Rexburg over the 4th and we went rafting down the river 2 times that weekend.  It was super fun but a little traumatizing.  I have never been rafting before.  That weekend was my first time.  We rented a ducky (its a 2 man inflatable kayak).  The first day was so much fun.  I was in love with this new adventure and I wanted to do it all the time.  The 2nd day we started off fine and then we went into a hole.  A hole in the river forms after a large rock where the water moves backwards.  Well Sterling falls out of the boat and goes under.  I start screaming and I too fall into the water.  Sterling yells at me to hold onto the boat.  So I do but the boat stays in the hole!  So now I am stuck in the hole with the boat and screaming for help. Of course Ster gets washed out and drifts down the river and now I am alone in the hole! The water keeps trying to pull me under and since this is all very new and very terrifying I of course think this is it.  Katie and Jedd and Ster are all down stream and I'm going to drown.  I really believed that I wasn't going to live. The water was so powerful.  Maybe 10 secounds later Jedd gets close to me and tells me to let go of the boat.  So I just let go.  I went under for maybe a sec and then i started to float down stream.  Then i just started crying and shaking. 

I was so scared and i have never had an expreince were i thought my life was in danger.  It turns out my life wasn't in that much danger once i let go of the boat.  Everyone knew i was going to be fine and they knew alot about the river.  I on the other hand no nothing about the river so of course i went to the extremes in the situation.  Thats when it all began.  We went on a river trip this last week.  Of course all i could think about was that bad expreince that i had.  I have one good expreince on the river and one bad.  Not good odds when your going on a river trip for 7 days and covering 100 miles in 4 class rapids.  Within the first 10 mins of our trip down the middle fork river our ducky flipped over.  I went through rapids on my bum and i hit about 5 rocks and i couldn't get to the side.  Sterling pulled me over so i wouldn't go through another set of rapids.  Of course i stared crying out of control.  Ok, i never cry.  But for some reason when it comes the river i cry like crazy.  I was so scared that the whole trip was going to be like that and i just couldn't handle it.  I refused to get in the ducky.  I had to hike up a mt and back down to get to the rafts in our group.  i cryed on the raft for a good 15 mins.  I was scared and i was not experienced on the river.  So after that long long story.....sorry it was a big deal to me.  After that first day things were great. I rode in the raft which is much safer.  I got to know the river and i started to see that it wasn't that scary.  I got back in the ducky the 3rd day and i even hit some big rapids by the end of the trip.  I'm still a little afriad of the river but now i know its fun and not as deathly as i thought!
I sure do love my Hubby!

Cindy talking charge of the boat
Sterling and Sara loving the ducky
So pretty.....the water was so clear

We had so much fun on the river trip.  It was long days but so beautiful.  Every night we would camp somewhere new and unpack all our stuff.  We went cliff jumping and we also went through rapids in our life jackets.  It was so fun to be with family.  I love love love Sterling's family and i love spending time with them.  That to me was the best part of the trip.  Just hanging out with family.
Mike and Ella! They were so awesome and took me in when i refused to ride in the ducky.
Why doesn't planning in the sand ever get old?!

Thank you Katie for all the amusement!

When we got home from the Middle Fork we left that next weekend for Lagoon.  We went to Idaho Falls on our way and had a date night! It was so much fun! We went to the temple, Red Robin and then to a movie! That's our favorite date but now that we live in Salmon our choice's are limited to like 2 restaurants and only 2 movie options.  So when we get to go into town it makes it extra special.  Plus we don't have a temple! We went to Lagoon on Saturday and had a blast. Our favorite part was the water park.  We went down this one slide at-least 5 times! I could have done it like a million more but it started raining and got cold.  Sunday  after church we took a nap since we had such a long day at Lagoon, Then of course we finished the weekend off with a game of settlers.  Which i didn't win for like the first time in months! I always win but it was nice to have Sterling win for a change!  Oh and this weekend my sister had her baby.  Her name is Natalie. I want to meet her so so so bad1 She looks so sweet in all the pictures! Life is great and we are so happy!