Thursday, February 17, 2011

SUNSHINE is on my mind!

All I can think about lately is SUNSHINE and SUMMER! Ah I just dream about the warm sun on my face and sitting in a hot car after church just because it feels so GOOD!  I LOVE summer so much. I love being able to go outside day and night without being miserable! 

I miss my runs outside everyday and just people/house watching.  I miss my runners tan! I miss sitting outside with Jackson.  My dog loves the SUN just as much as I do if not more!  I miss camping.  Every week Ster and I kinda go crazy in our house.  I just wish it was warm out so we could head up into the mountains and play all weekend for super CHEAP!  I miss pretty green grass and large green shady trees! Oh, Ohio has the best tress.  I love to go home in the summer and visit my family.  Its so GREEN!! I miss the green in Ohio but I love the MOUNTAINS way more!  There is so much to do!

I can't wait till we can go on our spur of the moment trips.  Some of the best memories I have of being married is our TRIPS that we plan that day.  We have gone to Jackson, Glacier National Park, Yellow Stone, Missoula and Grand Tetons National Park.  So many sweet memories with my lover ah!!

This SUMMER will be filled with lots more of those special trips! 
On a daily basis I'm looking up fun vacations for us to go on.  I really want to go on an Alaskan Cruise.  I also want to go on a super adventurous vacation.  Like backpacking through a foreign country or a road trip back East. For now I will just DREAM.  

I love REXBURG summers! I have so many great memories with my lover in the PARK
Utah+CAMPING+family+yummy food=AMAZING
Sterling and I just love to BACKPACK!
The RANCH never disappoints!
Ohh I can't wait to listen to Britt....get some new shoes....soak up the SUN and RUN my little heart out!


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Me and Jedd! said...

mmmm. I love this post. please please let's take lots and lots of trips. at least a few ;). and backpack a foreign country?! count me in! haha. we are going to have adventures for the rest of our lives Michelle. I've got a feeling ;). Love you tons!