Monday, April 16, 2012

Life update!

We have been crazy busy is an UNDERSTATEMENT!
Our life update of this winter and spring! 

We have been very busy making a baby! Yeah for baby BOY! He will grace us with his cute little bum in July. I'm due the 27th which really I'm hoping for like the 16th or some time sooner than the 27th.  I'm sure he will come in August.

We are so excited to have a little baby join our family. Its kinda crazy to think that we are having a baby! I'm not sure if we are ready but baby will come anyways! 

My pregnancy has been super easy! I have been so lucky.  I never got sick! Not even once. I had to eat alot of food to make that possible!  I pop Tums like candy.  I need them everyday!

I can feel him move everyday, which is so COOL! I keep telling sterling that I think an Allen lives inside me! Its so weird and amazing at the same time. 

I can't wait till baby boy comes and I can't wait until I can be skinny again!! I'm not sure if its just me but being pregnant has been tough on the body image. I know its amazing that we can grow a baby and I would do it again any day but man its tough seeing my body change so much! Its been hard.  I love baby but I'm not sure how much I love being pregnant. I can't complain though. Baby is healthy and so am I.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be pregnant and have this little guy join our family! We are doing great and feel so lucky!

We spent a few weekends in Utah helping with the Cat-ski business.  It was a hard and weird winter. Not enough SNOW!  It made it tough on the business but we are hoping that next year will be better. This winter was more of a learning experience. It was super fun even though it didn't turn out as we hoped.

We are hopeful for next year.  Its a great idea and an amazing mountain.  All we need is good weather!!!!!  These pictures where from January. I was a little over 3 months preggers and man could I tell! I climbed half the mountain and it took  all day! The cat was stuck at a certain spot so the boys worked so hard all day to get it to the top.  It was a success!!

I have also been spending alot of time helping this lovely couple plan their wedding. They are getting married April 21st in the Logan Temple. Weddings are so much fun but I think I prefer just going to them, eating yummy cake and then going home! Its super fun but crazy stressful on everyone!  

I still love it though. Weddings are so happy! I got the opportunity to take the lovely couples engagements and make their announcements.  It was so much FUN!  I got a new camera for Christmas! Its my 3rd baby.....(1st baby boy 2nd Jackson and 3rd camera 4th ster hah).  Ster is an amazing husband! He got me a way better camera then I ever thought I could get! I love my Nikon D700!! 

This weekend is their weeding!! I'm excited for fun stressful family time! Aren't they so cute together?!

We have also had lots of time for fun! Fun at the ranch on conference weekend on the slack line!

The best part of this spring had to be spending time with these cuties!!!  I miss these little girls so MUCH!

I got to spend a week in Ohio for spring break.  My mom and sister threw me a baby shower.  I got so many cute things and lots of the necessities!  The best part though was being able to just hang out with my family!

I love my sister so much and I miss her!  I miss her kids! It was a much needed trip to see them.  Plus they had to see the preggo belly! Don't I just have the cutest nieces! I love my gabby and Natty!

Our other big news besides baby Boy is that we have moved to UTAH! Crazy! Within 2 weeks we found out ster got a job at the hospital in Park city, quit our jobs and moved.  We have now been here a week and we our loving it!! Its so nice to be close to stores and life necessities.  We lived 150 miles in every direction from the nearest city in Salmon. We're loving that we still get beautiful mountains and big cities 20 minutes away.  
 Yeah to new life changes and lots of blessings!!!


Brittney said...

Congrats on the baby and exciting that you are now in Utah a little closer to civilization. :) Also, for just getting a nice camera so recently, your pictures are amazing!

Christine Peterson said...

You are such a cute prego momma! I love that baby bump! And I am SO happy you moved to Utah cuz now I can come see you! BTW you should still come visit me haha :-)

Tiffany said...

yeah for baby boy, and his cute little bum! I can't wait to see some pics. I am so sad and you have to know how much I miss you! You look amazing by the way, just enjoy it cause once it's over and you are back to your skinny little self again you will wonder what it even felt like to be pregnant, it's weird how our minds work and it is amazing what our lovely female bodies are capable of! You are a beautiful mommy to be! take care and keep in touch with me!

ann-marie said...

Michelle I am so excited for you! You look great! Don't worry. I felt the same way about being pregnant. My body changed so much and I was like ahhh! I hope this guy is worth it! lol And dont worry, they are worth every pound gained. haha.... But you seriously look great. Hope everything else is going well. I am so excited for you and your hubby.

Mari Kjar said...

you look gorgeous and are GLOWING! also, i thought jessica's announcement was amazing!!! well done. the pics were perfect!