Thursday, December 25, 2008

So I have decided to join the world of Blogging. I figured it was time to start now that I will be starting my own family. Yes, im engaged to the love of my life Sterling. Will be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple April 10th, 2009! I can’t wait! We met in the winter at BYU-I. I was roommates with his cousin Erin. We went out a few times and then I started dating someone else. In the spring I broke things off with the other guy and went for Ster again. We dated all summer and then I moved to Utah. While living in Utah we broke up. In the fall I went to Europe for 3 weeks. I just couldn’t get Ster off my mind. When I got back we talked and I decided with in 2 days that I was going to move back to Idaho. Now were completely happy together! We have so much fun together! He's my other half ...yes i had to do all the wrong things to figure out he was the one but he was worth it! I can't wait to be MRS. ERCANBRACK!

We went to see the lights in Salt lake. It was my first time ever!

This was in Provo canyon over Thanksgiving break

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Lex and Chris said...

You two are so cute together! Congrats Michelle! I am really excited for you both!