Wednesday, September 8, 2010


YEAH for fun little getaways! A few weeks ago Ster and I decided to go take a trip to Glacier in Montana. We both have never been and always wanted to go and now that we live in Salmon its only 300 miles away! So we left after I got off work Friday night.  We got to Glacier around 3am.  Woooww it was late and the Park was PACKED!

We looked for an hour before we finally found a camping place! Since we were so excited to be there we woke up before 9.  We ate breakfast and then cleaned up camp.  For not getting much sleep our spirits we pretty high.  I felt like a kid in a candy store! I just couldn't wait to see the park! The campground was so GREEN so I knew the rest of the park was going to be pretty awesome!  On Saturday we drove around most of the day just looking at the sites just off the road. There is so much to see! I have never seen so many waterfalls, weeping walls and water in one place. I was in heaven. The water in Glacier looks fake because it is so blue!  After driving around all day we went and set up camp on the other side of the park.  We got lucky and got the last camping spot! The park was packed the weekend we went!  The employees said that Glacier hit a record with the visitors this year. 
Plus the park was celebrating its 100th year anniversary!

After we set up camp we went to check out an old hotel and get a yummy treat.  The hotel is on a lake with super pretty mountains in the background.  We got yummy huckleberry soda and ice cream! Yummy! We LOVED the soda! We also made a yummy treat after dinner....SCONES! It was Sterling's idea and they turned out great! Sterling was very proud of his scone making skills.

This is the view from the Hotel

Such a cutie!
One of the many waterfalls along the road

The next morning we woke up early to go on a hike up to a glacier.  The hike was about 12 miles.  I was a little worried about getting eaten by a bear! Of course the girl from Ohio is worried about BEARS! We don't have to worry about bears in Ohio and sometimes I just get carried away in my mind! It wasn't good for me to hear about the lady in the news getting attacked in the middle of the night in her tent by a BEAR!  So yes, I was a little concerned about going on the hike.  Glacier is bear country.  At the beginning of our hike we came across a couple.  We started chatting with them and then they told us how they came across a bear on their last hike.  Of course their story brought me more fears and thoughts of getting eaten by a BEAR! After an hour though I forgot about the bears and focused on the beauty of the hike. The trail was so crowded that I wasn't too worried about coming across a bear.  The hike got prettier and prettier as we went deeper in to the mountains.  On the way up to the glacier there is a lake that you hike by.  Its in the valley but even from up high it is spectacular! I have never seen such a beautiful lake before.  I just couldn't stop staring at it! The color looked fake it was so blue!
It's even bluer in person!

Don't be jealous of my super cute outfit!

  Once we got to the glacier it was super cold! The view however was amazing! The mountains with the waterfall and lake were so pretty! We ate lunch on a rock by the water and took in the beauty.  When I go into nature I just don't understand how people can't see God's hand in all the beauty of this earth.  No one person in this world could create so much beauty as He has created for this earth.  I just love nature and I love exploring new places.  Ah I have such a travel bug.  Ster and I went on vacation only a few months ago and already I'm chomping at the bit to go on another one.  The small weekend trips really help though! I loved going on this trip with my hubby! He's so much fun to be around and we have so much fun together.  I just couldn't have gotten a better match for myself.  He is not only my husband but best friend as well.  I lurve him!

P.S. I'm doing great on my running.  I'm on my 5th week.  Last week I ran 7 miles for the first time in my life! Plus I ran 5 miles straight without stopping! That's hugh for me.  I'm also getting faster.  I'm running about 9 min miles....I get that time running up hills! I never run that fast!  So all the running is paying off and it feels great!  I have really been enjoying it and I love having a goal to work towards.  It just makes me feel like I have more purpose and I love to be successful!  I'm so competitive, even with myself!  I never give up and I will totally make this goal!


Alli said...

What a fun trip! I'm totally jealous of those sweats. Great job on the running! I've been getting back into it myself and it feels good. Can't wait to get to where you are!

chelse said...

looks so pretty and fun! we only went camping overnight 2 times this summer so i'm super jealous! ps i MISS YOU!

Shelli Dame said...

I love the pictures!! It looks like you guys had a blast. The park looks so beautiful. I am glad you two are having fun together. And I am so proud of you for being such a little runner! You rock Mitchers!