Friday, November 19, 2010

Fall Fall Fall

So I have been LOVING the weather this Fall! It's been so nice and way warmer here in Salmon then in Rexburg! So things have been great!  I got a job at the High School/Middle School.  I'm the Drug Free Coordinator for the district. Yes,  I will explain.  I do drug tests,  I plan events to keep the kids out of trouble, I have lunch duty everyday at the Middle School,  and I plan drug free assemblies and events through out the year.  That's pretty much what I do.  I don't mind the job...its not what I went to school for but I'm so thankful that I have something!!! Its so hard to find anything in this town!  Oh and I also have health insurance for the first time since college, that is a definite perk! Sterling said now he can sleep at night knowing that if something terrible happens to me we won't go thousands of dollars into debt. Sterling has been loving his job. He loves working in the OR. He has been going into surgerys the last few weeks and he's loving all the things that he's learning with the doctors.  He is also taking a course through the hospital that teaches about the OR and all the instruments he needs to know. He's hoping to move somewhere after this job and work in the OR as a first assistant nurse.  

This last weekend we went to Rexburg.  Now that we live in such a small town I have so much love for Rexburg! When we lived there I couldn't get out fast enough.  I was so ready to get out of the college scene and I just wanted something new.  I love Salmon it has its positives but it also has its negatives.  I mean living 150 miles from the nearest city/Walmart is a little far for me.  Since we have lived here we have left at least every other weekend.  Lately we have been staying home on weekends.  It gets old traveling and we have really enjoyed just hanging out together, relaxing at our house.  Don't get me wrong though I still love leaving our little town.  We love going out to eat and seeing a movie.  We also love going to Rexburg to hang out with Ster's sisters.  Its so fun having 3 of them living there.  It would be so fun to be living there now with all of them there.  I miss Rexburg now that I don't live there.  I have so many great memories in that town.  Some of the funniest moments in my life have been in that town.  I have such a special place in my heart for BYU-I.  It's such a special place! Every time we go to Rexburg I start telling stories to Ster and then I start dreaming about my life when I was a student! He always makes fun of me cuz I do it every time we go back there.  I also have such a love for the Rexburg temple! Its so beautiful and I just love that now that I'm married I get to go inside the most special places on earth!
So not much else is going on here in Salmon.  We are looking forward to the holidays and the SNOW!! Ah we both just got new gear for the snow season.  I got the coolest new board and I can't wait to take it down the mountain! Ster got new boots and powder skis.  I hope we get lots of good snow this year! We hope to go every weekend! Ah I never thought I would be one of those people who love it when it snows! What has Sterling's family done to me! I just can't wait for the snowboard season and those pow days!!!  

Saturday hike....such a pretty place....about an hour from our house.

On the bottom of the mountain....till this point easy hike...after this point straight up
 Family backpack trip...missing a few.  We went hiking at the Big Horn Crags.  
There were lakes everywhere.

This place was one of my favorite hikes I've been on.  The rocks were 
sweet and the land scape was so interesting!

So pretty....after this a storm came in.  Wouldn't be a holiday weekend in Idaho without horrible weather.  It was hailing rocks and freezing!  Our trip got cut short cuz it was so COLD.

My first FISHY!!!!!  Yum I was so excited. I even cleaned out his guts.

Our camp site on harbor lake

Our house on Halloween...and the only picture I have of my brown hair.

On the lake in McCall.  We took some kids from the high school to a retreat.  What a beautiful town.  I loved was like a small Sun Valley or Park City.  Way cool vibe town.


Leslie said...

Ok I have to admit it's a trip seeing you as a brunette! But I LOVE your hair! It seriously looks great. Isn't it funny how much you miss that little college town once you leave it? I never thought I would but Mike and I always talk about the fun times we had in Rexburg. Besides married life, the college years were the best times of my life. Those years flew by. Glad to see you are enjoying the Idaho wilderness. Gutting fish? That's hardcore. Miss you tons!!!!

Allyx and Dan said...

You have brown hair! Love it. I wanna see more pics of it. We miss you guys! Have fun in Salmon... and then move to Utah so we can PLAY!