Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm so FRUSTRATED!!! I hate looking for jobs! My city is too small!! Yes,  I'm super blessed to work for the school during the school year but can I please stop working for almost FREE!  It a great job but I make no money and it's only 24 hours a week.  Now it's summer and school is out.

Today I went to the restaurant that I worked in last summer. I didn't love working there....always drama and I always got crap for needing time off/ or I wouldn't get the days I needed off. Well I have been putting off going back there since I kinda got dissed by the Owner....long story which brings up too much anger! Anyways, I went there today just because we need MONEY!  I talked to the owner and well i just got a negative feeling.  Like when I worked there last summer I was always coming home frustrated and such just because of some or maybe one co-worker who just made it impossible to work with. She did everything perfect and everyone else was nothing...which was so not the case. I even had some full on yelling fights with not the person I want to be. Yes, she was very difficult to work with but she still was a good person.  She just made the work environment impossible..... and I'm not perfect.  I could of handled every situation in a better way.

Back to today.....we talked and she said her problem last summer was always having to work around my schedule.  Which I totally understand where she is coming from. Direct quote " I shouldn't have to work around your schedule, you should have to work around the restaurants schedule. This is a great place to work and you can make a lot of money here".  That is when I thought.....NO I just thought! I want to live my life the way I want and not live my life for a restaurant. I'm sorry if this is the wrong way to think and maybe that's why I can't find a job.  I thinks its the other way around.  Work around your life...yes we need money to live but I don't want it to be my life.  I guess we really don't need money that bad!

In college...working was my life. I worked every weekend.  I missed out on so many fun things....roommate hang outs, parties, dates and other funcitions becuase I was working all the time to get my way through college so I wouldn't have to be a server the rest of my life and scedule my life around a restaurant.  I'm not sure if this is the mind set to have but it truly is how I think.

I want to spend the weekend hanging out with my hubby and playing in this beatuful place that we live in. I want to have lost of fun with him when he's off work. I want to work super hard during the week just like Ster and then enjoy my time with him and our life together. However, instead its the oppiste, to make money I need to work weeknights while Ster is off work and work weekends which is dedicated FUN time.

I'm just torn. Should I be a responsible adult and work when ever I can or should I do what I want with my life and leave the drama out of my life!  I vote leave it! Mer....ha

This post also makes me think about my dream....yes, I want to be a photographer. Most of that will go on in the evening and weddings are most likely on weekends. I guess I'll just have to deal with that when it comes my way and at least I'll LOVE it!

PS- Fun summer update on my trip to Ohio and Moab to come

Who wants to work when you can do this!

No work ...all play I want more

and MORE

Really work or Mt biking....not a tough call



Leslie said...

I totally agree with you, although you have a better work ethic than I ever have. Mike and I were talking about what a hard worker you have always been. It's truly impressive. I need to be more like you! I guess my work philosophy has always been "work so I can live, not live so I can work."

Me and Jedd! said...

hey you cutie! I LOVE this post! LOOOOOVEE it! It is one of my favorites! work is important, and so is money, and both are NECESSARY, but only to an extent! what you need are all of those things that you have in those pictures! i love you tons sis! i am so grateful for you!

chelse said...

I completely agree. I'm going to work at Carino's tonight and I'm dreading it. It's not like we're asking for a dream job! Just a job that pays the rent with normal hours and a normal amount of respect. But I have the same problem. I might have been about to get a better job this summer, but we already had planned 2 trips and I chose to play instead of a better job. Maybe slightly our own fault sometimes....