Tuesday, June 28, 2011


For Memorial Day weekend we went to MOAB! Sterling's sister works on the river in Moab.  We of course had to use any excuse we could to go visit! We went with Kate, Jedd and Jess's boy toy Danial! We left Thursday night and got there Friday afternoon. We found a camp site..unpacked and went on a BIKE RIDE!

Moab is GORGEOUS! The red rocks just take my breath away....no 2 rocks are the same!  Every where you look is just so different than Idaho.  Idaho is green and brown.  Moab is RED!  That night we camped under the stars.....perfect!

The next day we woke up ready to GO!  Jessica had to work, so we went mountain biking. We rode porky pine rim which is like 24 miles and pretty intense at times.  Well to me it was intense seeing that I have been mountain biking a total of like maybe 3 times! I love it and wish we could do it more. Bikes just cost like a million trillion DOLLARS!  One day we will have bikes.... anywho back to the trip. The views where so pretty!  It was just so fun to play with Jedd and Katie.  I also loved the warmth of the SUN! The sun is like my happy drug. The trip took longer than we expected but it still was a blast.  I also may have thought I was going to DIE on the trail from dehydration and cooking like a lobster. We only brought like 4 water bottles. Yes, it was like a zillion degrees and it took us about 8 hours and oh yes we are from Idaho where the sun shines every 5 months! Not a good combination for a white girl who sweats like a beast! I did make it though....my lobster bod and all!

On top of the Mountain before our 24 miles

Hard core BIKERS! Really maybe just Katie and Jedd!
Towards the end.....the only thing on our minds was WATER

Love them! They let me have all the WATER!

When we got back we headed straight to a burger shack to grab some yummy food. We met up with Jessica and Jedd's brothers family.  Best burger and fries ever!   After a late din din we went to camp and went to sleep!

Sunday we woke up... made some yummy breakfast burritos and headed off to church. I knew we where in Moab when most people not just me looked like LOBSTERS!  It forsure was a holiday weekend where most people flocked to the warmth.  I also knew it was a holiday when I saw these guys charging their phones in sacrament....really?!

After church we went to a swimming hole. So fun! It was packed but worth the crowds. We hiked about a mile up river to get to some cliffs that we could jump off.  Talk about a great place to people watch.  Oh there where some guys there that I thought wow I wish I wasn't married to this ridiculously good looking person so I could hit on the guy with a baby belly.... drinking out of a wine bottle and dreads?! Yummy....barf!  Yes, a few of those yummy man and woman loved this water hole.  Besides the people watching I jumped into the water twice and it was freezing but fun.  That night we made tin foil dinners which never ever ever disappoint. So yummy in my tummy! I then ended the night with of course the camping  classic a s'more.

Soaking up the rays at the water hole....
Monday came way to fast! We packed up camp and headed over to Arches while Kate and Jedd went rock climbing.  I'm so happy we got to see a glimpse of Arches.  Its amazing the things that Heavenly Father has created on this earth for us.  This is one of those places you just have to see.  I mean the rocks just stand against all the odds.  There is just so much to see and we only got to see one thing.  Totally worth it though! The hike was short and the reward was AMAZING!


Jess and Danial....we are the worst this is the only picture we got of these two cuties!

Our trip was a blast. We had so much fun!  Its just so fun to travel and spend time with family! I love to see and explore new places! Moab has been on my list for places to go and I'm so happy that I now can scratch it off. What a great way to start the summer off with a bang!

The hottest fashion trend

Moab I love you! Thanks for the great weekend with lots of sunshine!


Me and Jedd! said...

Hey! I forgot about those pictures! I want them! And this post was fun. I am glad that you wrote about this ;) good memories. love you guys!

Leslie said...

Your pictures are great! Looks like you had tons of fun. Sure miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

You are so awesome! I wish I could be more like you. I agree Moab is beautiful!

Lindsey said...

i just found your blog through lesles, and i have to say i loved that last shot with the lizard! hah it made me laugh!

Lindsey said...