Thursday, June 23, 2011

Puppy LOVE

I just finished watching Marley and Me....and I cried like BABY!
I LOVE my PUPPY so much! He is so much a part of our family.  I know he's a dog but I just love him so much and he always loves me back! Dogs are so awesome for the reason that they love you no matter what and they are always so HAPPY!  JACKSON is the best to come home to....he goes crazy and jumps up and down. He just is so small and 
his energy is going to burst out of his little body!

He loves to cuddle 24/7!  He also loves to PLAY! He makes the weirdest growling sound I have ever heard! But I love it! I tell Ster all the time that he is the toy that just keeps giving back! He's the best $200 bucks we have ever spent! He will be my puppy FOREVER! 

Cutest PUPPY ever and cutest owner ever! Ha mer

 PS: YES, I'm a crazy owner who loves their puppy to death! Yes, I miss my puppy like crazy when I'm away from him and Yes, we take him every where! I'm pretty sure Ster feels the same way...he just doesn't like to admit it!


Me and Jedd! said...

HA! It's true. The Lord blessed you with Jackson 100%. He is one of the best dogs that I have ever met ;).

chelse said...

ha ha you're a crazy dog lady! [better than a crazy cat lady] ps neither of us won a trip to Paris. Boo!

Shey Ercanbrack said...

hahaha! that post made me so happy!